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Professional Liability Insurance West Chester, OHProfessional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is especially important to certain businesses and professions.  If clients place their trust and faith in you for your services your general liability insurance is probably not enough. Professional liability insurance is specialized coverage and is used to provide coverage when your product is your advice, counsel, or specialized services.  When your services involve your professional judgement and expertise, then you probably need Professional liability insurance coverage.  The coverage is referred to as Errors and Omissions Professional liability insurance.  Most other businesses are covered by products and completed operations liability insurance coverage in most general liability policies. Professional liability insurance is a specialized form of products and completed operations coverage that most of us already get in our general liability policy coverage.

The big difference found in Professional liability insurance is that you don’t even have to have been wrong for a claim to have been triggered.  A Client may claim that you have simply made any error in judgment or omitted advice or consideration of key facts when rendering your advice or counsel or service.  These are claims that are generally not covered by business general liability coverage.  Usually the trigger for a claim is when an injury or property damage was caused by a product or other service.  When a product is your advice it is far more difficult to defend.

Classes of Professional Liability We Offer

We offer Professional liability insurance on a variety of business exposures.  We accomplish the coverage with an endorsement to underlying business owners or comprehensive general liability coverage on either a mono-line or package policy.  All of our carriers provide Professional liability insurance in one form or another. Here is a list of the common classes of business where a Professional liability insurance endorsement can be added to your policy with our agency:

Barber Shops

Beauty Shops

Cemeteries & Crematoriums

Condo Association D&O

Contractors E&O

Dental Laboratories



Notary Public

Funeral Directors

Hearing Aid Stores

Optical Goods Stores

Pastoral Counseling

Pet Grooming


Technology Firms


We are adding the capability to service a much wider range of professional clients who need Errors and Omissions Professional Liability Insurance  from our offices in West Chester, OH.  The additional classes (noted below) will include simplified underwriting and will be incorporated into our existing policies by endorsement which eliminates the need to have additional policies covering these critical exposures.  These additional Professional liability insurance business classes include:

Accounting & Auditing Services

Advertising Agencies

Answering Service Companies

Business or Management Consultants

Consultants for Weddings

Copying and Duplicating Service Businesses

Court Reporting & Transcription Services

Embroidery Operations

Graphic Artists & Designers

Interior Decorators

Interpreters or Translators

Market Research Firms

Public Speakers

Stenographic & Secretarial Service Companies

Tax Preparer’s & Bookkeepers

Telemarketing Firms

Travel Agencies

Professional Liability Advice and Agency Service

Quality coverage begins with understanding your needs and the extent of your operation.  I have 37 years of experience working with business owners and have a unique and special connection to understanding businesses and their insurance needs, including the vital areas of Professional liability insurance.  This agency represents quality carriers that have the ability to provide the coverage your business needs whether or not it is ultimately provided inside of our Business Owner Policy (BOP) or our more flexible Commercial Package Policy (CPP) option.  Call and ask for Terry McCarthy at (513) 779-7920, 9-5 Monday – Friday most days.

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