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RV Insurance

RV Insurance For Motorhomes, Travel Trailers and Campers

Your RV isn’t just about travel, it is about living on your terms.  We try to provide RV Insurance on the same terms. For many of us the open road and the ability to pick up and move on with a whim is far more preferable to the hassle of flying, renting cars and checking into hotels.  It is truly a way to explore the United States and there are almost unlimited places to travel to and explore.

RV insurance is about motor homes, motor coaches, travel trailers, and campers mounted in truck beds.  Trailers run from pop-up tent like campers, to hard top trailers you hook up to a trailer ball on your bumper.  Some trailers are mounted to fifth wheel docking mechanisms to help center the towing weight over the tow vehicle.  Campers fit inside the truck bed and are strapped onto the vehicle.

Motorhomes are self-contained, motorized units built onto robust van, truck, and heavy truck chassis and extend all the way up to the bus-like motor coach with diesel pusher motor (motor mounted in the rear of the vehicle).  Some trailers and motorhomes have sliders that move out when you park for the night or the week giving you additional elbow room and many of the conveniences of home.  Full cooking facilities, toilet and shower are onboard.  It is a home on wheels and isn’t just a motorhome, for many it is a life on wheels always seeking the warmth of the sun and the exhilaration of exploring North America

Travel trailers are not self-propelled.  In many instances we can add a travel trailer, camper or pop-up camper onto your personal auto policies.  When these units become permanent and stationary second homes, then we are best moving you to a true RV Insurance policy.

As for motorhomes, they come in several versions.  They run from the following:

  • Conventional Class “A” Motorhome
  • Professional Bus Chassis Class “A” Conversion
  • Non-professional Bus Chassis Class “A” Conversion
  • Camper Chassis Motorhomes Class “B”
  • Mini Motor Homes

Motorized Vehicles that are used occasionally for excursions but that are not parked permanently at another location as a second residence can often be very efficiently insured on a personal auto policy depending upon their size and type.  Due to definitions used in the personal auto policy some bus conversions will not qualify as a vehicle in these policies but the RV insurance policy is amended to permit the larger number of axles and the much higher values of bus motor coaches.  Since motorized motor homes and coaches are motor vehicles the coverage of the personal auto apply and are required for RV insurance just like we expect on a personal auto policy.  You can refer to the personal auto second for more information about the variety of coverage that are suggested for vehicles.  In this section we’ll deal with the differences in the RV insurance policy over the personal auto policy.

Towable RV trailers and campers derive their liability coverage from the towing vehicle.  Since it is not self-propelled it does not develop liability exposures except as when they are in motion due to the towing unit moving.  If a towable unit separates from the tow vehicle the liability – bodily injury or property damage – caused to others is taken from the towing vehicle.  There is the potential for liability from the activities of camping and in many instances this can be taken from homeowner insurance policies covering the liability wherever you are at in the world.  In cases where you don’t have a homeowner insurance policy, then the RV insurance policy does provide a choice of liability limits to choose from to account for the liability that may occur through your camping activities.

RV Insurance policies do provide some benefits that you won’t find as easily in home or auto coverage.  In the RV insurance policy, whether for towable units or self-propelled motorhomes, the policy contains all of the needed insurance within one policy document.  That eliminates the need to cover coverage needs across several personal insurance policies.  There may be property, for example, that never comes in from the RV and this property can be easily overlooked in a loss.  RV Insurance policies always include this incidental property when you need it covered.

Some features in the RV Insurance policy that are different than coverage through home or auto include:

  • Total Loss Replacement
  • Replacement Cost on Personal Effects
  • Vacation Liability Limits
  • Vacation Medical Expense Limit
  • Emergency Travel Expense Coverage

In addition to the latter differences, the following coverage is similar to other personal auto policies.

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Underinsured Motorist
  • Medical Payments
  • Comprehensive & Collision Options
  • Market Value Settlements
  • Agreed Value Loss Settlement
  • Total Loss Replacement Cost
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Emergency Travel Expense
  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects
  • Vacation Liability
  • Mexico Physical Damage (Some companies)
  • Coverage for Additional Trailer
  • Fire Department Service Charge
  • Full Timer’s Package
  • Deluxe Package (Different by carrier)

Most forms of personal property are not covered when stolen from a vehicle on a personal auto policy coverage form.  Since your motor home is a self-propelled vehicle, this provision has been altered so that items stolen from your motorhome are not excluded.  This is just one reason why it makes sense to consider the additional benefit to be gained by buying an RV Insurance policy over coverage from your personal auto or home insurance.

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