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Life Insurance ExpertA Life Insurance Expert makes life insurance easier!

A life Insurance Expert makes shopping for life insurance easier. When you start with a life insurance expert you get the guidance that delivers life insurance that perfectly fits your life and budget. There are many choices and many of them can have an impact on just how well your coverage fits your life. And since life insurance may well be the most important insurance purchases we make, making the right choices today may well have an impact on coverage for a lifetime. It isn’t a stretch to believe that if we make the right choices life insurance can protect us from birth to death. I’ve seen policies cover life as we grow up, earn an education, marry, have a family, advance our careers, and still be around as move through our careers, into retirement and be there for our death.

As a life insurance expert I can help you find and evaluate the coverage that is right for you and your family. By helping you understand the options available I can help you make the choices that can last a lifetime and deliver the money your family needs exactly when they need it most. If you are anything like me you will do everything you can to make sure your family have every advantage they can get. What would be worse than leaving them in a tough financial position at the exact moment you can no longer help? Not much, I’d suggest!

As a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), I have been evaluated for the highest standard of knowledge and trust in the life and financial planning business. The CLU® designation is the oldest professional mark of distinction in the field of financial services. It was first introduced in 1927. To be granted this designation my knowledge was tested by objective standards on hundreds of concepts and the education is a pinnacle of the industry. I have hundreds of hours of study time invested into a two year series of courses designed specifically to benefit you. I have taken these steps to help my clients to know that I adhere to the highest ethical and educational standards of excellence. I am a work in progress, of course, but when it comes to life insurance, what you need always comes first. I stake my effort and four decades of experience as testimony to this important difference between me and other (purported) life insurance experts.

But I didn’t stop there! To be a life insurance expert and provide my clients with unparalleled knowledge and commitment to their goals, I went even further out to where few venture. I also possess the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) credentials. I have completed an extensive educational program of college level courses on financial and estate planning from the American College of Financial Services, an non-profit financial educator with the highest level of academic accreditation. I hang my diplomas proudly on the walls of my office as testimony of the effort and as evidence of my commitment to you to be a life insurance expert dedicated to helping you protect your life and the financial well being of your family.

You can reach me Monday through Friday from 9-5. I am available to you most other days and times for appointments with advance notice. I maintain my office at 8114 Paul Manors Dr, West Chester, OH 45069 and my office phone number if 513-779-7920. Call and learn more about how I might help you protect the family you love.