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Carrier Claims Contact Info

QR Code Quick Contact Information

The carrier Claims Contact Info QR Code info below is provided to help you quickly reach out to the carrier when you have a claim. If you can’t reach the agency scan the appropriate QR code to reach the claims resources of your insurance carrier.  I believe that your best first call is to the agency on most claims. Calling the agency first can help you avoid making a claim when it doesn’t make sense to make a claim.

The agency main number is 513-779-7920. My extension is 135. My office phones are transferred to my cell phone if I am available but you can call my cell number too. If I don’t answer please call my cell phone if you are having an emergency. It means I don’t have my cell phone on. If you followed the first steps and I don’t answer, I’m am probably unavailable. Please leave a message on my cell phone so I can catch up when I am available.

Here are some general guidelines for when to make an emergency phone call and contact the carrier claims operations. By the way, when the damage from an accident or loss is minor, and your car is safely operable, and when no injuries have occurred, call me during the business day on a non-emergency basis for consultation and forwarding of your claim. You are always advised to have a police agency come to the scene of a car accident when involved with another driver. I suggest taking quick action in the following circumstances:

  1. Call when someone has been injured in any other car involved in the accident, or who when a pedestrian is involved and injured.
  2. Call when damage is significant to any vehicle involved in the accident even when no one appears to have been injured. In these cases your car cannot be driven away.
  3. Call if you are involved in an accident where your car is disabled by involvement in an accident well away from your home area and you consider yourself stranded.
  4. Call your insurance carrier after trying to reach me in all latter instances. Scan the QR code. It takes you directly to the company claims website pages.

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