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Mobile home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance & Manufactured Housing

Mobile home insurance for your manufactured single or double-wide home is available from Insurance Associates Agency Inc.  We use Foremost Insurance Co., one of the largest writers of specialty home insurance in the USA.  Foremost Insurance company is the nation’s premier choice for manufactured homes including single wide, double wide, modular and sectional homes either in a Mobile Home park or on stand-alone property locations.  Foremost accepts manufactured homes of almost any type, age, size, make or model.

Mobile Home Insurance is similar to the coverage of the HO3 policy for site built homes.

Understanding the Mobile Home Insurance Policy starts with understanding the coverage you have chosen.  These choices are summarized on your declaration page.  While the coverage may be reported differently from company to company, your coverage is always listed on the declaration and, if it isn’t listed you probably don’t have the coverage.  Some coverage may appear on your policy as endorsements rather than in the declaration page but you should be able to find all the coverage you have bought listed on the declaration page either listed in a specific place (see below) or you should be able to see the endorsement listed on the declaration page. Here are the common coverage parts for a mobile home property policy form:

Mobile Home Insurance Section I – Property Coverage

  • Coverage A – Mobile home Dwelling – This is the Main Dwelling Unit
  • Coverage B – Additional Structures – 10% of coverage “A” (for garages, sheds)
  • Coverage C – Contents and Personal Property – Minimum 50% of coverage “A”
  • Coverage D – Additional Living Expense – Minimum of 20% of coverage “A”

Mobile Home Insurance Section II – Liability and Medical Payments

  • Coverage E – Personal Liability Coverage – $100,000 is minimum with most companies
  • Coverage F – Premises Medical Payment – $1,000 is minimum with most companies

The information that appears elsewhere on this site about “Understanding the Home Insurance Policy” is helpful and relevant to mobile home insurance.  Click on this page link to transfer to this resource for more information.

Mobile Home Insurance is compared to ISO based HO3 policies in this link to Mobile Home Insurance coverage comparison Guide.  It walks through important differences that make the Foremost Mobile Home Insurance coverage better.

Key features of the Mobile Home Insurance coverage from Foremost as well as coverage highlights and options are described in this Foremost Mobile Home Insurance link describing coverage options, features, and general policy highlights.


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