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Sample Home Policy for Review

Here is a sample home policy so you might consider the language of the ISO homeowner policy form, one of the most common coverage documents in use in the homeowner insurance marketplace.  If you follow the link below you will be taken to the sample home insurance policy.

This is the HO-3 Special Form ISO policy.  ISO stand for the Insurance Services Office and they are an organization that gathers data, creates policy forms and helps insurance companies provide actuarially sound insurance coverage.  Please keep in mind that each company policy may be different than the next and in auto insurance it is not uncommon for a company to use language that deviates from the language of the policy provided by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).  The companies that use their own language for their own home policy write their policy to correspond with most of the language and terms of the ISO policy form with unique variations that individual companies have developed from their own experience.  These variations all must generally conform to the law of the state the insurance customer lives in.

ISO Sample Homeowner HO-3 is here.  This does not include endorsements or the declaration page of the policy, just the base language for the homeowner policy.  All endorsements and amendments are added to this document along with a declaration page to create a policy for your particular needs.  This same policy is also occasionally used to provide mobile home insurance and coverage for Condo owners.  Follow this Policy Link:  SampleHomePolicy

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