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Homeowner Declaration Page Explained

Homeowner Declaration Page Explained

Every homeowner insurance policy has a homeowner declaration page.  The declaration page includes most of the information that an insurance company uses to personalize the coverage to fit your unique specifications.  Every company homeowner declaration page will look differently and no one seems better than the other in my humble opinion.  The homeowner declaration page has a specific and important function and there are many ways to organize and report this information.

The home insurance declaration page is similar in construction to most other declaration pages and it contains similar information whether the policy is for auto insurance, business insurance, or life insurance.  Of course, each of the latter has different information but the declaration page personalizes the stock language of the policy forms and endorsements to you.  Here is a link to download the complete document of the Home Insurance Dec Page Infographic by clicking highlighted text.  If you have questions or need specific assistance, call me or stop by and I’ll do what I can to get you pointed in the right direction.


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