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I can help you insure your commercial properties.
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I love insuring commercial mixed use retail properties.
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I offer great insurance programs for auto and truck repair.
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I'm experienced enough to be outstanding in the field.
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Providing Personal & Business Insurance Service Insurance Associates Agency Inc. Terry A. McCarthy, CLU, ChFC

Insurance Quotes and Expert Insurance Advice

Insurance Agent In West Chester, OHInsurance Agent in West Chester, Ohio

I’m an insurance agent working from my office in West Chester, OH. I’ve spent four decades working with personal and business insurance clients needing all forms of insurance and bonds from the routine to the complicated. I help my clients obtain the protection they want and need at an affordable cost. That’s why we say an agent comes with our policies.

I work with clients who know that insurance is important. Common sense tells them that insurance is complicated. These people know they won’t get a “do-over” when something goes wrong with their coverage. Getting coverage right before a loss is crucial to protecting against significant financial consequences that happen when coverage is inadequate. This is where the local knowledge, experience, and professionalism of a quality insurance agent provides one of the best defenses against inadequate or incorrect insurance. It’s just not something that can be done well by the self-help “1-800” or online insurance operations can provide from hundreds or thousands of miles away. A local agent is also a single point of contact. When you buy from self-help “1-800” and online insurance sources to buy insurance you may never talk to the same phone agent twice.

Complicated things deserve expert help. Insurance is one of those things. For many of my clients going it alone isn’t worth the risk. A steady hand and pragmatic advice is a great benefit all by itself of working with an experienced local insurance professional. As for myself my experience has been gained through the experiences gained in the service of helping thousands of clients. For you that means my experience is a head-start in helping to avoid the mistakes that are not just annoying but can also have considerable financial consequences. Making mistakes is inherently human. For each of us then is the choice of whether or not we make the big ones or the little ones. You don’t need to be in this alone. Make the smallest mistakes with your insurance is the value of a great local insurance agent like me.

Great Insurance Begins With Trust

Great insurance coverage requires trust. All relationships begin and end with trust no matter how it shakes out and insurance is no different. You need to trust the advice you get, and information about coverage options, and the policy interpretations you get. The trust that forms from the advice you get from an professional insurance agent forms the foundation of your confidence in your insurance purchase. Up to the point you need the benefits of your insurance protection everything you know about your insurance is based upon trust. The benefit and protection you expect from insurance insurance is an intangible promise contingent on a future event.  You want information about coverage, options and, you want to rely on coverage interpretations given to you by your agent. You see, it’s easier to trust a local insurance agent you can get to know better than any insurance company operator you’ll never talk to again.

It is important for an insurance agent to get to know your needs and provide reasonable options for insuring what is important to you. Odds are that the price I come up with will save you money without sacrificing coverage or quality using responsible insurance carriers. More importantly, I don’t play games and you always come first and that is the way I have operated during my insurance career. Call me when your next insurance bill comes due and get to know me a just little enough to know for yourself whether I can help you. I’ll do the same and give you honest advice and results. Most people agree that getting a credible second opinion is valuable confirmation on what your next insurance steps should be.

Find Out More – Call Now

Find out more. Stop in, call or email and get the support you deserve. Call me at (513) 779-7920 Monday – Friday from 9-5. Other times are available by appointment. For more information on our capabilities visit the pages at for expansive information on dozens and dozens of insurance topics. The local office located at 8114 Paul Manors Dr., West Chester, OH 45069. For excellent insurance advice and low cost, I’m a great option for your next insurance agent and, you can find me right here in West Chester, OH.