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Other CoverageOther Coverage Considerations

Personal Auto Insurance Policy

Other coverage that you may need or that can be provided to cover your auto or liability on a  personal auto policy:

  1. Extended Non-Ownership BI-PD for you, your spouse, both you and spouse, or another relative.
  2. Extended Non Ownership Medical payments for you, your spouse, both you and your spouse, or another relative in specified limits to match Medical payments coverage on policy.
  3. Repair or Replacement Cost for the your new covered automobile.
  4. Audio-Visual equipment that is not standard with the equipment of your vehicle.  Such things may include radios, stereo speakers, etc.
  5. Loan/Lease Gap coverage to protect against the development of a difference between the ACV of the auto at the time of a loss, and the remaining debt balance for the car.
  6. Customization above and beyond the stock configuration of the auto, van, or truck.  This may include tires, rims, paint, and customization that alters the original vehicle for added functionality.
  7. Small utility trailers may be added to your auto insurance policy for physical damage.  Liability for non-commercial use of an owned utility trailer is derived from the coverage on the towing vehicle.
  8. Travel Trailers, Campers and Truck Caps can be added as accessories on some company policies just like adding for audio-visual equipment covered in item (4) above.
  9. Snow plows, when used with a personal truck, and no used for commercial purposes, may be added to the value of a vehicle with some companies and insured as part of the car value.
  10. Auto parts like snow tires and wheels.  As for damage, these values are not covered by the home policy and the auto coverage may not apply when damaged.  Contact the agency for more info.
  11. Luggage and personal possessions in the auto are usually very limited as to the extent of coverage.  Coverage for these items comes from a home/condo/tenant policy and not the auto policy.
  12. Some companies make available coverage to extend car rental and transportation and travel expenses above and beyond the coverage of standard rental car coverage.

Our advice to our client is to call so we can tailor the advice and information to your specific circumstances.  Use the latter information on other coverage as a guide for planning your insurance coverage for personal autos.  Contact Terry McCarthy at (513) 779-7920 Monday – Friday from 9 – 5 most days.  Other hours are available by appointment. The agency office is located at 8114 Paul Manors Dr., West Chester, OH 45069.

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