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Road Service and TowinTowing & Road Service

Towing and Road Service coverage pays up the limit specified in your policy for the cost of towing your disabled auto to the nearest repair garage.  It is intended to pay for the unexpected disablement of your auto and is not for the cost of shopping repair services and dragging the car from garage to garage.  It may also pay for the cost of unlocking cars where the keys are inside.  It may also pay to change a tire at the scene of the disablement (but not pay for the tire) or bring fuel to a car that has run out of gas.  If your car battery is unable to crank the car in extreme cold weather Road Service coverage may also pay for the cost of having a service truck jump the battery and start the car.  In any instance, service at the scene does not include the cost of gas, the parts, or unnecessary extra moves so you can shop for repair service at a number of garages.  Towing and Road Service coverage is inexpensive and a frequent companion to physical damage coverage.  Many people include the coverage even though they may also maintain club service in AAA or other group programs.

Towing associated with a collision or OTC loss are included within the cost of settling the collision or comprehensive loss by the insurance carrier. Towing and Road Service coverage applies to vehicles where you have purchased the coverage and paid a premium.  Comprehensive coverage is a minimum prerequisite to including Towing and Road Service on your personal auto policy.

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