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Sample Auto Policy (ISO) – Ohio

Click on the following link to view a sample auto policy typical of the language in most auto policies regardless of the carrier.  Please keep in mind that each company policy may be slightly different than the next company policy.  They will be different in the exact language and the organization and the definitions usually.  In auto insurance it is not uncommon for different companies to use language that deviates from the standard language of the policy provided here and researched and written for the industry by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).

The companies that use their own unique language for their auto policy write their policy language to reflect their experience they have gained in providing the coverage as a guide to writing their documents.  There is a general correlation between the language of the ISO auto policy and almost every policy in use today.  These unique variations in the writing of policies are limited to a few companies that have a sufficiently large number of policies that they can project the terms based on their own experience.  They base their unique language based upon their own claims and legal experience with the policy and because they have a large enough book of policies in force they can accurately predict rate and the effect of the language of the policy.

Nevertheless, whether the policy is by one company or the other, they all pretty much contain the same basic coverage.  Just keep in mind that there are differences as you consider this sample auto policy and the coverage it provides.  Your policy may vary.  Also, one other point to keep in mind.  The sample provided is just one version.  There are older versions of the auto policy and there are newer versions since the language is constantly under review.  Do not assume that your insurer uses the most modern policy language.  I have companies still using the policy version from the late 1990’s.

ISO Sample Auto Policy Link:  Sample Auto Policy


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