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I can check the box as an experienced insurance agent. I have over four decades in the insurance business as both a district manager and agency owner. I have literally earned the trust of thousands and thousand of clients and worked with them on personal and business insurance protection. As your trusted advisor in insurance, and with your help, I can help keep your coverage efficient and effective for the things you need to protect the most. It is the values we share that become part of the backbone of our relationship.

One of the benefits of working with so many clients through the years is that their experience with insurance became my experience with insurance. You might say that they helped teach me what I needed to know. No book can prepare anyone to know anything close to what simple experience has taught me through a long and productive career. In the process of carrying out my role working with closely with my clients has made me a better insurance agent because I’ve learned along the way many of the little things that can help me help you avoid the costly mistakes that can be disastrous to the financial wellbeing of the household or business. You can benefit from the experience of others without having to suffer their mistakes by working with an experienced insurance agent like myself.

My long career as an insurance agent has taught me many lessons and provided me a vast base of knowledge and experience to work from. The knowledge and experience gained comes from the working hard with my clients through the years. Along with my continuous cycle of education and learning the experiences have made me knowledgeable and this gets turned into a benefit for my clients. With honesty and integrity and the constant recognition that my character is the reason I am trusted, I go to work every day humble in the belief as a team, you and I, can do the job needed to make sure what you need protected can be done for the least amount of money possible. I’ve worked hard through over four decades to be worthy of your trust, consistent, dependable, and driven to help you accomplish the best possible insurance coverage consistent with your needs.

As an experience insurance agent I am also an independent insurance agent. This means I represent many carriers. Some other agents are captive and represent only a single carrier with fewer options for your needs and changes along the way. Because I have choices, you have choices to keep your premium lower and coverage proper for your needs. Click this link and complete a simple contact form and I get back with you, get on your side and start developing a second opinion on your coverage and cost. I’ll do the heavy lifting with some help from you and develop some ideas that may actually make a difference to help you get the rates you want and the coverage you need. They are not mutually exclusive.

Here are a few links to information on my website that may help you understand the insurance a little bit better. Try this link to an article on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140103115724-204068115-the-benefits-of-experience


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