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 Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

The Coverage to Ride With!

Motorcycle Bodily Injury Liability

Liability is protection against the claims made by others because they allege your negligence in the operation of your motorcycle.  Negligence is a breach of our duty to keep others safe from harm in our driving.  When an allegation is made, motorcycle insurance coverage will provide you with both a defense against the claim and the payment up to your limits of liability when you have been found responsible by a Court of Law or by mutual agreement of the parties to the event.

Motorcycle Property Damage Liability

Motorcycle Property Damage Liability is protection against claims made by others that allege you have damaged their property with the operation of your motorcycle.  When you breach the duty of negligence you owe an obligation to the person who has suffered the property damage.  Your insurance coverage affords you both a defense against the allegations and a payment of the amount up to your limits of coverage when found responsible by a Court or mutual agreement.

Motorcycle Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM)

Motorcycle Uninsured Motorist Coverage is protection for you when the other vehicle operator hits and leaves the scene and is at fault, or, when another driver is negligent, causes you injury, and is uninsured.  You seek recovery for your bodily injury loss from your UM coverage as if you were obtaining the payment from the driver that was responsible for the event.

Motorcycle Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Motorcycle Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) is protection for you when the other vehicle operator has less bodily injury insurance than is required to completely satisfy you for the injuries they have caused you.  This situation requires you to have higher limits of UIM insurance than the other driver has bodily injury liability limits.  You seek recovery for UIM bodily injury losses from your own UIM coverage just like in the UM coverage explained above.

Motorcycle Medical Payment Coverage

Motorcycle Medical Payments Coverage is coverage you buy to provide protection against the medical expenses you or your passenger incur in an motorcycle accident.  Negligence is not required to trigger these benefits and the medical expenses you incur do not have to result from contact with another vehicle.

Motorcycle Collision Coverage

Motorcycle Collision Coverage provides protection against damage to your motorcycle caused by collision or upset.  Damage is valued at the Actual Cash Value of the motorcycle if it is determined it is beyond the value of repair, or the repair cost for the motorcycle when the motorcycle is considered repairable after inspection of the damages and the estimates of repair.  Accessory and Customization may impact the ACV value.

Motorcycle Comprehensive Coverage

Motorcycle Comprehensive Coverage is also known as “Other Than Collision” coverage because it covers all other insurable perils other than collision or upset.  Comprehensive coverage includes such causes of loss as fire, theft, flood and vandalism, along with other things.  Damage is determined by a repair estimate and a comparison to the actual cash value (ACV) of the motorcycle.  When the motorcycle is beyond the scope of reasonable repair, it is considered a total loss and your payment for the loss, after deductible, is for the actual value of the vehicle.  Accessory and Customization may impact this value.

Motorcycle Accessories Coverage

Motorcycle Accessories Coverage is protection for the things that you use with your motorcycle and may include riding leathers, helmets, and other gear.  If you have to lay the bike down to avoid striking another vehicle the damage to your riding accessories are covered if you purchase the additional protection.  Some amount of coverage is built into most motorcycle insurance policies.  It isn’t uncommon for riding leathers to cost $2,500 to $3,000 and more.

Motorcycle Customization Coverage

Motorcycle Customization Coverage is protection for the things that you add to your motorcycle to make it unique and it is not uncommon for motorcycle owners to add lots of chrome or saddle bags, or new exhaust  pipes and other treatments that push up the total value of your motorcycle from its stock value.  Some amount of coverage is built into most motorcycle insurance policies for customization but make sure any built in limit is enough for your motorcycle.  It isn’t uncommon for custom paint, chrome, and other accessorizing to add $5,000 and more to the value of a motorcycle and it is not covered unless you declare the value and add the coverage in an amount equal to your investment.

Uninsured Motorcyclist Property Damage

With some reports that 15% of accidents are with uninsured drivers, buying Uninsured Motorcyclist Property Damage (UMPD) helps to protect you against damage the other driver will not pay for their negligence because they hit and leave the scene or because they are uninsured.  UMPD coverage is only needed when you decline to purchase Collision Insurance and UMPD is not required but is inexpensive and highly advisable.

Motorcycle Towing & Road Service

Motorcycle Towing and Road Service is an additional expense to operating your motorcycle that occurs all too frequently.  Some policies specify a specific dollar limitation to the service and others express a coverage that is “reasonable and customary.”  It is important to have the choice to select tow operators that have both the equipment and experience to move motorcycles safely and without damage.

Motorcycle Gap Coverage

The increasing cost of motorcycles and the longer financing terms being used makes Motorcycle Gap Coverage an important addition for new motorcycle purchases.  Gap coverage protects the difference that develops between the declining actual cash value of a motorcycle over time (after new) and the slower rate of decline in a finance contract.  This difference is the Gap and is also known as loan/lease loss coverage.

Motorcycle Trailer Coverage

Motorcycle Trailer Coverage is an important additional coverage if you have a trailer to haul your motorcycle.  For many of us it is not uncommon to tow a trailer carrying our bike to a destination where we will then explore the destination area on our motorcycle.  The value of the trailer can be included within the policy coverage protecting your motorcycle.  You may also purchase coverage for a trailer on an auto insurance policy.  Also, some home insurance policies extend enough coverage to incidental trailers that coverage under the motorcycle policy may not be necessary.  Check with for the best approach.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Motorcycle Replacement Cost Coverage is additional protection for new motorcycles that have not passed a certain age.  All vehicles age and that is no different for motorcycles.  As motorcycles age their value declines because of normal wear and tear and aging.  Replacement Cost coverage provides protection against the loss of value at the time of a settlement for a total loss of the motorcycle.

No-Fault Laws and Motorcycles

There are No-Fault law states surrounding Ohio in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Michigan.  There are about a dozen states that have no fault laws.  In Michigan, for example, motorcycles are excluded from the specific requirements of the no-fault law but insurance is still required.  Regardless of what state you operate your motorcycle in, your Ohio coverage will provide the coverage required under the law of the state you operate in or under Ohio law, whichever is required.

SR22 for Motorcycle

An SR22 is merely a form that is provided to state departments of motor vehicles that provide them notification of the status of your motorcycle insurance .  The SR22 is required when a BMV has determined through your driving experience that you are required to keep the government aware of the status of your insurance.

Financial Responsibility & Motorcycles

In Ohio there is a minimum financial responsibility imposed upon drivers of motorcycles and motor vehicles licensed for use on public roadways.  This is true of most states.  In Ohio, the minimum liability limit for bodily injury is $25,000 each person, $50,000 per occurrence.  There is a $25,000 minimum liability limit for property damage liability.  These limits are considered to be large enough for operation of your motorcycle in every state through a process called liberalization and your coverage meets the financial responsibility when you operate within the United States even if Ohio limits are not large enough.

Motorcycle Coverage in Canada

The coverage required in the provinces of Canada should be reviewed prior to travel outside the United States in Canada.

Motorcycle Coverage in Mexico

Travel on your bike into Mexico is not suggested and you should seek coverage from a respected Mexican insurer at the border to make sure you have the political and local savvy

Sample Motorcycle Policy

Attached policy here.

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