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Painters InsurancePainters Insurance for Contractors

We understand the hard work and effort that is behind the precision of the artisan painting contractor.  We put the same hard work and creativity into the insurance policies we offer for painters insurance risks.  We are a great one-stop insurance agency provider that can offer you the variety of options that perfectly fit the needs of painters insurance coverage you seek.  All of our insurance policies are tailored for your work as an artisan contractor and painters insurance from my agency will be carefully assembled for the specific range of work you do.

At your request, we can provide coverage in either the monoline general liability policy form or as a package policy with all the  coverage you need bundled into a convenient policy that is efficient and cost effective.   The nice thing is that your coverage needs can be packaged to include your liability as a painting contractor, plus, your building and business personal property needs, any mobile equipment and tools you have on or off the job, your service vehicles, trailers, and the other protection your business requires.  We can also help you with the License & Permit Bonds that are required by governmental agencies, and when the work requires, we can assist you in obtaining performance bonding for those times when you have contracted work where such requirements are mandatory.  I have worked for 36 years with hands-on tradesman like artisan painting contractors and understand how to help you put together affordable coverage that provides protection designed for your unique operations.  It is coverage you can count on when something happens and when you need us to have your back.

We’re able to provide painters insurance for artisan tradesmen and contractors involved in new building construction or renovation and maintenance whether the job is residential, commercial, governmental or institutional.  Your coverage will apply whether your work is in Ohio or in a nearby state.  Your insurance follows you to almost anywhere you work and that includes everywhere in the United States.  We tailor coverage to include any unique work you might do and can include other classes of work on the same policy if you run a diversified operation performing work in multiple trades.  Similar trades may include drywall, ceiling and acoustical tile, and paperhanging but may include others.  We insure all business sizes from the one man band to large operations.

The primary areas of liability coverage most often included in coverage are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Completed Operations Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Advertising Injury

Whether you work in new construction, service or repair, or both, we love working with careful painters insurance clients because painting tradesman are some of the most accurate tradesman on a construction site, especially when your feet are on scaffold plans off the ground.  But, we know good work when we see it because we’ve watch great tradesman cover ugly with beautiful in a day and anyone that can do that deserves extra special attention and service.

Painting Contractor insurance coverage includes a broad and diverse range of insurance subjects and if you are looking for the advice and counsel of a real insurance agent experienced in working with hands-on artisan tradesman, call us today for another opinion on how you can best insure your business.  I’m here and waiting to serve you.

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