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Insulation Contractors Insurance must take into the diversity of the installation situations including the height of the install.  Most trades make the installation of their products and services at the terrestrial level but this is not the most common situation encountered by insulation tradesman.  Due to the variability of the potential work environment Insulation Contractor Insurance programs may fit in any of three different commercial insurance programs and fit comfortably.  Regardless of which program eventually works the best for Insulation Contractors the coverage is similar from program to program with the overall appetite determined by the degree of exposure to installations over three stories in height and on the exterior of buildings, and additionally to the types of insulation that are used or installed.

There are no shortcuts to the quality installation of insulation. Insulation Contractor Insurance shouldn’t be any less well thought out.  Just as you are expected to produce a quality job every time, we should too.  We put a lot of thought and hard work into the insurance policies we offer our contractor insurance risks.  I operate a professional one-stop insurance agency that offers a variety of coverage options for glass and Insulation contractor insurance needs and we can tailor coverage to fit your precise coverage requirements.  Moreover, all of your insurance policies will be tailored for your work as a specialized contractor and the coverage you get from my agency will be carefully constructed for the specific range of work you do.

Most of the policies we write for glazier contractor insurance include liability as minimum requirement.  So, at your request, we can provide coverage in either the monoline general liability policy form or as a package policy with all the coverage you need bundled into a convenient policy that is efficient, cost effective, and designed for the rigors of your profession.   Your coverage needs can be packaged to include your liability, your building and business personal property needs, and vehicles and special property as well.  Depending upon your needs we can also include any mobile equipment and tools you have on or off the job away from your base of operations on an inland marine endorsement designed for equipment away from the shop.

It’s not uncommon that we would also insure your service vehicles and trailers, in addition to several other types of protection your business requires.  We can also help you with the License & Permit Bonds that may be required by governmental agencies, and when the work requires, we can assist you in obtaining bid and performance bonding for those times when you have contracted work that may have bonds as a requirements.  It may help you to know that I have worked for nearly four decades with hands-on tradesman. In my work I have worked with other most building trades contractors putting together affordable coverage that provides protection designed for unique operations.  It is coverage you can count on when something happens and when you need us to have your back.

You do your work that pays the bills away from the shop and that is where you might have the greatest liability.  We’re able to provide Insulation contractor insurance for all related trades involved in completing your work whether it is being done at a residence, businesses, government facility, or institution.  Your coverage will apply whether your work is in Ohio or in a nearby state.  Your insurance follows you to almost anywhere you work and that includes everywhere in the United States.  We tailor coverage to include any unique work you might do and we can include other classes of work on the same policy if you run a diversified operation performing work in multiple trades.  We insure all business sizes from the one man band to large operations with multiple crews on the road. All underwriting is done  in advance so you know exactly just how we’ll cover and treat you.

The general outline of available coverage is noted below:


  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Premises Liability
  • Personal Injury and Advertising Liability Coverage
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Fellow Employee Coverage
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Non-owned Watercraft
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability


  • Buildings including multiple locations
  • Business Personal Property
  • Building Limit Automatic Increase at the Time of Loss
  • Computer Coverage and Cyber Crime
  • Outdoor Signs—Attached and Detached
  • Building Ordinance or Law Coverage
  • Off-Premises Coverage for Business Personal Property, including Property in Transit
  • Earthquake Coverage (Some carriers)
  • Business Income, including Extra Expense Coverage
  • Coverage Water Back-up
  • Equipment Breakdown

Inland Marine and Special Property (See IM Section for Details)

Business Auto and Truck (See business Auto Section for Details)

Bonds, Crime and Fidelity

  • Employee Theft
  • Crime Inside
  • Crime Outside
  • License & Permit Bonds
  • Bid & Performance Bonding


Insulation Contractor insurance coverage includes a broad and diverse range of insurance protections and if you are looking for the advice and counsel of a real insurance agent experienced in working with hands-on artisan tradesman, call us today for another opinion on how you can best insure your business.  I’m here and waiting to serve you.

About the Agent and Agency

We love working with careful business insurance clients and that includes installer operations like yours.  We know good work when we see it because we’ve learned from great construction tradesman through the years. Find out how we can assist you in maintaining quality insurance at the least possible cost by calling us today.  Ask for Terry McCarthy and 513-779-7920, extension 135. The office is located at 8114 Paul Manors Dr., West Chester, OH 45069. Call or stop by.

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