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Landscape Contractor InsuranceLandscape Contractor Insurance

Insurance for Landscape Contractors

We are a great one-stop insurance agency provider that offers Landscape Contractor insurance package policies. We have the options you need for your business. Of course, we tailor all options to correspond with the coverage and protection you want.  Landscape contractor insurance policy coverage is specifically designed for the work you do outside. It intends to include mowing and some arborist activities. Importantly, we can also cover your off season snow plowing activities. Many landscape business work to maintain cash flow in non-growing seasons by plowing snow.

We are a great one-stop insurance agency provider that can offer you a variety of options for your insuring your landscaping business.  When we are done tailoring your coverage each policy is designed to provide the coverage you need or want for your operations.

Our Landscape contractor insurance policies are designed for business that operate small to medium sized businesses. We love landscapers and landscape tradesman. Whether you work in residential, commercial, institutional or industrial situations, we love what you do and have eager carriers willing to consider your business risk. We can provide insurance coverage as a mono-line general liability insurance policy or package of the needed coverage types from the same carrier. Packaging coverage with one carrier is the best way to leverage the available discounts and credits.

Package your Policies to Save Money

Packaging coverage using one of our contractor-tradesman insurance package policies will provide the best available pricing because we can maximize the available discounts.  More importantly, having just one carrier and agent makes it easier to manage your insurance because you’ll have just one phone number to remember. Most policies include at least liability insurance but may also include property like your building, business equipment, and your tools and equipment. You can also include your business vehicles on companion policies to enjoy the savings or similar discounting. In our Landscape contractor insurance policies we can include just about all the protection you need.  Bundling all needed coverage into one policy saves money and earns bigger discounts.

Landscape Contractor Insurance Options

We can also help you with the License & Permit Bonds that may be required by governmental agencies. When your work requires, we can also assist you by providing performance bonding when you contract work requiring a guarantee of performance.  The good news is that I have nearly four decades of experience working with hands-on tradesman and I understand how to help you find and manage affordable coverage. We provide protection with quality carriers and this is protection you can count on when you need it the most.

We’re able to provide Landscape contractor insurance for most businesses working in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial environments. In most cases we can provide seasonal protection for snow plowing and other winter site activities when you work in the non-growing seasons. The primary areas of general liability coverage most often included in coverage are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Completed Operations Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Many individual liability options

Local Service and Attention

Finding the right insurance protection is too important to overstate when you are searching for a new provider for your Landscape contractor insurance. Insurance is a broad and complicated area for most businesses.  Landscaping and arborist contractor businesses are no different.  That’s why an expert insurance agent comes with every policy we provide. You can count on me to give you great insurance advice and counsel on insuring your landscaping business.

My real world experience providing Landscaping contractor insurance has been going on for almost forty years. That makes me a valuable and experienced resource. My goal is for you to always have what you need and want at the exact moment you need your protection. We can do that with your help.

Call me today for a second opinion on how you can best insure your business.  Call 513-779-7920 and ask for Terry McCarthy. I’m standing by. Or, stop in. Find me conveniently located at 8114 Paul Manors Drive in West Chester, OH. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9-5. I can arrange to be here at other times by appointment or meet you on a your job site with advance arrangements. I’ll be as convenient as possible for you!

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