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Insurance For Ohio Restaurants, West Chester, OHInsurance for Ohio Restaurants

INSURANCE FOR OHIO RESTAURANTS:  Who doesn’t enjoy a great meal or a great restaurant?  I have lots of eating experience and 37 years of experience insuring restaurants, bars and taverns and, that is too much experience to ignore.  If you’re looking for new options and thinking on insurance for Ohio restaurant operation, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m worth a phone call.  I’m unique and ready to help you find the coverage you want and need at a price you can afford.  Call Me – Terry McCarthy – at (513) 779-7920 and start a conversation about insuring your Ohio restaurant operations.

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 Insurance for Ohio Restaurants:

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The INSURANCE FOR OHIO RESTAURANTS is tailored for the needs of the eating and drinking establishments here in Ohio.  INSURANCE FOR OHIO RESTAURANTS can be as easy and simple as a single coverage part providing comprehensive restaurant general liability insurance covering a single location.  The typical INSURANCE FOR OHIO RESTAURANTS includes general liability in combination with business personal property, building and improvements insurance, liquor liability, spoilage, equipment breakdown, and commercial auto coverage parts in one combination or another.  At the minimum, commercial general liability coverage for restaurant businesses provides protection against the claims that arise from your operations including bodily injuries, damage to property, and product and completed operations claims arising from your operations as well as the products you serve.  This coverage can cover single or multiple locations and can include catering services away from your primary premises when catering is offered.

What Types of Restaurants are we insuring?

We are a source for most forms of restaurant and food service businesses.  This page refers to full service restaurants including fine dining and casual dining were service is one of the primary elements.  Another form of high service restaurant is the casual dining styles that are family friendly and more affordable and a little bit less formal with the exception that good service is a key identifier.   We are also a good source for operators of fast casual restaurants that feature quick-service and more limited table service options where patrons often order their selections from a counter or kiosk and seat themselves.  We are also able to accommodate quick service restaurant operations where price, speed and convenience are typical of the design of the operation and where drive through windows are typical.  Insurance for Ohio restaurants include these fast food restaurants as a desirable classification.

We distinguish the differences between bars and taverns, from among restaurants, but their hours of operations and the mix of alcohol sales to food sales.  We have excellent programs for bars and tavern operations.  Restaurants that serve alcohol are perfectly acceptable.  New ventures are more heavily scrutinized but overall financial strength of the ownership and experience of the owners is important here.  We also look more carefully at open-fire cooking (Japanese Grilles) and the condition of the property and cleanliness is crucial in our underwriting.  Well done, run, and managed restaurant operations get the biggest discounts.  We are a source for franchise and non-franchise restaurant operations and have success with these operations.  Some of our typical classes include:



Cafeteria Style Buffet

Caterers & Commissaries

Coffee Shops

Concession Stands/Snack Bar

Delicatessen & Sandwich Shop


Donut Shops

Drive In/Service in Car

Family Style

Fast Food

Full Service Restaurant


Ice Cream and Frozen Custard/Yogurt

Limited Service Restaurant

Oriental Style

Other Ethnic Style

Pizza Shops

Take Out Only


INSURANCE FOR OHIO RESTAURANTS begins at $450 as a minimum depending upon the classification of the restaurant you operate. This is for restaurant general liability.  The average premium for a small restaurant operation averages about $1350 for a package policy described below and the pricing goes up from there for more complex operations.

What’s covered in the typical OHIO RESTAURANT Package?

Classified as a Small American Food Restaurant

  • General Liability
    • $1,000,000 each occurrence
    • $2,000,000 aggregate annual limit
    • Includes Products and Completed Operations
  • Property                     $20,000 Restaurant Equipment
  • Income Loss             Actual Loss Sustained 12 months
  • Refrigeration            $3,000 Food Spoilage

We Offer Insurance for Ohio Restaurants in the Following Areas:

  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Butler County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Clermont County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Hamilton County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Warren County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Greene County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Clinton County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Preble County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Montgomery County
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Cincinnati
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Dayton
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Ohio
  • Insurance for Ohio Restaurants Michigan

Call Insurance Associates Agency Inc. Today for Your Ohio or Michigan a conversation about your restaurant insurance needs!  You can reach us at (513) 779-7920 or toll free at (800) 823-9643 or just use the contact form to reach Terry McCarthy for personal attention on your insurance needs.


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