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Insurance For Ohio HotelsInsurance for Ohio Hotels & Motels

INSURANCE FOR OHIO HOTELS:  Who doesn’t enjoy a great room at a great place?  I have lots of experience with hotel and motels through my travels helping property owners find insurance for Ohio motels and hotels. In fact, I have almost four decades of experience insuring hotels, motels, restaurants, bars and taverns and. In many instances it is experience that makes the difference in insurance and risk management.  One of my first commercial customers operated a small mom & pop motel in the last 1970’s and 1980’s. It continues in business even today.

If you’re looking for professionalism, experience, new coverage options and fresh thinking on insurance for your Ohio hotel or motel operation, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m worth a phone call.  I’m unique and ready to help you find the coverage you want and need at a price you can afford.  Call Me – Terry McCarthy – at (513) 779-7920 and start a conversation about insuring your Ohio restaurant operations.

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 Insurance for Ohio Hotels & Motels

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What’s included in Hotel & Motel Insurance?

Our INSURANCE FOR OHIO HOTELS packages are tailored for the needs of the well maintained, hotel & motel properties here in Ohio.  The INSURANCE FOR OHIO HOTELS can be as easy and simple as a single coverage part providing comprehensive hotel general liability insurance covering a single location.  The typical INSURANCE FOR OHIO HOTELS program is a package of several coverage parts but must include general liability in combination with business personal property, building and improvements insurance, liquor liability, spoilage, equipment breakdown, and commercial auto coverage parts in one combination or another coverage segment.  At the minimum, commercial general liability coverage for hospitality businesses provides protection against the claims that arise from your operations including bodily injuries, damage to property, and product and completed operations claims arising from your operations as well as the products you serve.  This coverage can cover single or multiple locations and can include catering services away from your primary premises when catering is offered from your restaurant operations (when present).

What Types of Hotels & Motels are we insuring?

We are a source for most forms of modern and well maintained hotel and motel properties including major brands and boutique properties up to seven stories.   We can accommodate luxury-full service properties and those with conference centers; properties with suites or all-suite properties, modern residential style designs and general commercial hotels with limited services.  We are also a good source for operators of hotels that feature dining and food service options on the location or on detached building at the location.  We are capable of providing coverage for pools and fitness equipment, and will consider more extensive spa services on a case by case basis on our insurance program for Ohio Hotels & Motels.  We can assist in single location ownership or multiple locations under common ownership and management

We distinguish the differences between bars and taverns, from among restaurants, and the overall balance of the subject business is of primary consideration for hotel and motel underwriting.  Profitable properties and those will above average claims experience, in combination with a modern and well maintained facility will earn the greatest discounts from our underwriters and the best overall pricing.

How much does Insurance for Ohio Hotels Cost?

INSURANCE FOR OHIO HOTELS is highly subject to the amount of property to be insured, the number of units, and the level of security and fire suppression equipment on the property.  Our minimum premium begins at $500 but it is hard to imagine a hotel or motel that would arrive at the minimum premium.

Insurance for Ohio Hotels

The commercial package policies (CPP) are flexible and can include a variety of coverage parts built into one policy including liability, property, and other coverage. What follows is a general description of the most important coverage options.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability (CGL) protects your business from bodily injuries to people and property damage you become responsible to pay due to negligence arising out of the operation of your hospitality business.  If your business requires, we may also add coverage to the CGL portion of your policy for the following:

  • Liquor Liability if your hotel includes a bar or offers alcohol for in room or hospitality functions including the operation mini-bar dispensing from in room devices.
  • Restaurant and food service operations for the operation of restaurant and food service on the property including room service for in-room meals.  Food borne illnesses and other hazards that may arise would be covered with this endorsement.
  • Cyber Liability is a newer form of protection that address the exposure of your computer and data management systems to malevolent attack, breach or corruption where personal information of guests and employees may have been compromised.
  • Employment practices liability insurance is also a newer form of protection that responds to allegations of illegal employment practices brought as complaints and lawsuits by disgruntled employees who content your business has or is engaging in unfair employment practices.
  • Employee Benefits liability may be needed to protect against the potential losses that may arise from mismanaging an employee benefit coverage or benefit.

Building, Equipment, and Business Personal Property

While liability is your largest potential loss, there can be no doubt that your investment in physical facilities is a substantial and failure to properly insure your property exposes the business to financial failure if coverage is not properly configured and if important adjutant protections are not included.

Buildings are all the constructed structures that make up your hotel.  Equipment usually means all permanently installed devices like elevators, compressors, security and alarm equipment and equipment used to service your property.  Your business personal property includes all furnishings, electronics, décor items, flooring and the other moveable equipment used on the property in the hospitality services.  You should insure at 100% of the cost to replace these items and you should have an accurate inventory of equipment and apparatus.  The following are additional property coverage that you should consider including on your coverage:

  • Equipment Breakdown specifically insures the types of losses that are not covered in the general property coverage such as mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, and similar.
  • Computer Equipment is a special area of property coverage that has become a more important area of protection.  It deals specifically with computer and data coverage issues.
  • Crime and Employee Dishonesty is a critical area of concern for hospitality businesses.  You cannot predict which employees will be dishonest or when you will be victimized in a robbery.  Crime of theft and employee dishonesty can delivery hard blows to the delicate financial structure of your business so crime and dishonesty coverage is generally advised.
  • Utility interruption insurance coverage extends to protect against prolonged interruption of power and utilities like water.  It will compensate for the costs of accommodating guests who can no longer use your facilities.
  • Business Interruption coverage is (we believe) an essential addition to your property coverage.  It provides a continuation of income in the event your hotel must be closed while repairs are made for a loss to the building that we cover and lost income or diminished income may be able to pay for up to one year following the loss.

Inland Marine and Special Property

(See IM Section for more Details)

Mobile equipment and property that leaves the building is best covered with an inland marine endorsement that is designed for equipment that may float to where you actually do your work, like for example, laptop computers that are taken to a local or business event.  Certain equipment that is mobile in nature and leaves the business premises will find the broad coverage of the inland marine policy endorsement is best method of insurance for this type of property.

Umbrella Liability

Insurance for Ohio Hotels often include an Umbrella liability policy as an additional limit of liability coverage because of the risk involved and the potential for large liability claims. An Umbrella policy protects for damages that exceed primary policies and sometimes losses that were not covered in the primary policies but were not excluded by the language of the umbrella policy. Most carriers offer an umbrella policy to cover over underlying policies they also write.  It is good to know what is and isn’t covered by the Umbrella so make sure to ask.

Crime and Fidelity

  • Employee Theft
  • Crime Inside
  • Crime Outside
  • Innkeepers Liability

While you are busy operating and managing your hotel or motel business, insurance for Ohio hotels & motels can be on guard for the loss of money through theft, robbery or burglary, or the dishonesty of an employee. These are losses that can cripple a business and tailoring the needs for crime and fidelity coverage can be done within the Commercial Package Policy for hotel and motel business needs.

Business Auto

(See business Auto Section for Details)

When you operate owned autos as a part of your hotel or motel business, it is important to insure the vehicles with liability protection just like the premises and operations.  The business auto coverage is dealt with in great detail in the business auto section.  Follow the link to this section for my information.

Other coverage you may have a need for include Guest relocation expense coverage, You may also elect to purchase Innkeepers Liability for losses to the guest property in excess of any legal liability.

We are a source of insurance for well managed and well maintained hospitality properties that are modern and where a pride of ownership is evident.  Our carriers provide several risk management services to aid you in managing your risk to loss and the carriers may be able to provide other advice on how to better operate your facilities to accomplish better overall results.

Insurance for Ohio Hotels – What Influences Cost?

  • Geographic location – rates are earned by areas
  • Known hazards and risks of the area of the property
  • Structure size and number of structures
  • Proximity of structures to each other
  • Number of Units in Development
  • Building Age, Condition, and Maintenance
  • Electrical Equipment and its updates to code
  • Are Smokers Permitted
  • The presence of restaurant
  • Does your complex have a swimming pool
  • Does your complex serve alcohol or have a bar
  • Coverage type from choices available
  • Amount of Coverage chosen
  • Percentage of Replacement Cost Insured
  • What are the fire safety features
  • Does the property have a sprinkler system
  • Does the property have gated access
  • entrances equipped for control of access
  • Installed burglar and fire alarms in units
  • Proximity to fire department and hydrants
  • Past loss history on this location
  • Experience of the management

We Offer INSURANCE FOR OHIO HOTELS in the Following Areas:


Professional Advice and Agency Service

Quality coverage begins with understanding your needs and the extent of your operation and the risk that is inherent.  I have almost four decades of experience working with business owners and have insured hundreds of millions of dollars of apartment and condo property through the years. Insurance for Ohio Hotels and Motels is competitive so if you’re looking to help trim expenses at your property check with me. When it comes to insurance for Ohio Hotels, I have considerable experience working with management organizations and owners of individual locations.  I understand the need for thorough insurance and professional service and advice. This agency represents quality carriers that have the ability to provide the coverage your needs whether or not it is ultimately provided inside of a Business Owner Policy or our more flexible Commercial Package Policy (CPP) option.  Call and ask for Terry McCarthy at (513) 779-7920, 9-5 Monday – Friday most days. We’re available to meet at most any time with an appointment in advance.

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