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2017 Total Solar Eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse What Will Happen & How to Protect Your Eyes The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will be the first one viewable in the USA in thirty eight (38) years and we will be able to view this rare astronomical phenomenon almost everywhere in the USA. A total solar eclipse occurs when  the

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Homeowner Insurance Policy

HOMEOWNER INSURANCE POLICY 6 Important Contract Parts I’m an insurance agent in West Chester, OH. I have almost forty years of insurance experience. I was recently explaining the homeowner insurance policy to a client and it reminded me of the way I taught the same thing to new agents. Some years ago I was teaching

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Reduce Your Homeowner Insurance Rates

Reduce Your Homeowner Insurance Rates One of the most frequent complaints I get from my clients is the continued escalation of home insurance rates.  Rates are increasing because of the years long series of weather-related claims that began back in 2008.  The price increases began years before this as companies began to get an adequate

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