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Garage and Dealer Insurance Quote

Used car dealer insurance quotes can be quick, simple and easy. The auto business covers many categories but getting the price and coverage you need for your specific business is easy with your help. Reserving time for a remote meeting on Skype or Zoom is as easy as using the scheduler below. You can get questions answered and learn more about the coverage you have or the coverage you need. We aim to help you can get the answers you need to make informed decisions about your insurance.

Here is a simple fact: I have over four decades of experience helping business owners working in the auto service and sales industry. This includes auto repair, body shop repair services, towing, used auto sales, car parts retailing, and others that are involved in the auto trades. My father owned his own gas station and auto mechanical repair shop for 50 years. He managed employees like me, and taught me the start of what I know about being in business. I’d love to earn your used car dealer insurance business.

First, let us determine the coverage you need and want for your used car dealer insurance policy. This is for the coverage you need and want.  You can make it easier by reserving your time with a Skype or in-person meeting to answer your questions and learn what is important to you and your coverage. If you are a skilled tradesman working in business to help repair, service, or sell automobiles, I can probably help you with your insurance and a lot of what we will need to do can be handled a safe, sociable distance from the Chinese Virus.

Our garage policy is designed for small to medium used auto dealer insurance needs.  I can provide for just about any coverage you need from your property, liability, equipment, tools, and vehicles. I have specialized in helping auto related businesses like you for over four decades and am well equipped to get the great protection you want at the best possible cost. I can provide an Ohio used auto dealer insurance quote for most your businesses and include the extra services from service and repair, to sales, to towing operations, and even retail parts store sales.

Here is a suggestion. Write down the questions you want answers on. Then reserve a time in my schedule and we’ll start working on some answers and getting provide a basic insurance quote to get us started.  I can certainly take your calls to our business telephone too. I can tailor coverage to meet your specific requirements.  Auto related businesses come in all types, sizes and shapes so we’ll spend the time to make sure you have the coverage you want for your used car dealership insurance needs.

How To Reach Me

Insurance Associates Agency Inc. is an Ohio licensed insurance agency. My Name is Terry McCarthy. I maintain offices at 8114 Paul Manors Dr, Ste 200, West Chester, OH 45069. Our general business telephone number is 513-779-7920 or toll free out of the area at 800-823-9643. I am available on Skype for meetings to help maintain social distancing and avoiding COVID.


Last updated 2/24/2021

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